Studio Update!

As the sun sets on Summer 2020, we want to thank everyone who came to paint with us over the last couple months after we re-opened. We appreciate your continued support and are so grateful for you helping to keep our business alive!


As we head into the Fall, we will be making some adjustments to how we conduct business in the Studio so we can accommodate birthday parties and, hopefully, school groups again. Our business thrives off parties and events, and not being able to offer them has been a real punch to the gut.


As of today, MASKS WILL BE MANDATORY FOR ANY PARTY OR SCHOOL BOOKING. The main Studio area will remain socially distanced with our tables spread out while we accommodate parties in our party room. School bookings will be private bookings that will have the whole Studio to themselves.


We are approaching cooler Fall/Winter months, and as kids head back to school, we hope to have our business pick up as it usually does this time of year and want to be able to give all of our customers the peace of mind about it staying safe and healthy.


Our new cleaning procedures will not change, we will still be cleaning all heavily touched surfaces constantly. You will still be expected to wash your hands when you arrive. You will still be assigned a table, to hopefully maximize on distance. You will still not be allowed to touch anything on the shelves. We will still only allow for ONE NON-PAINTING ADULT PER TABLE when accompanying children to keep the number of unnecessary bodies in the Studio low. We still ask that if you are sick, or have recently travelled to please stay at home. If business at the Studio picks up to normal pace, we will make further adjustments for that.


This virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s the reality. And with that reality comes a shift in how we all need to conduct our lives to create some normalcy. I understand the fear. We have it too. But if we all continue to give in to that fear, we are all going to continue to lose those things that we love.

We want to continue to be a mainstay in this community. An outlet that allows our customers to relax, create and safely socialize. The only way we are able to do that, and continue to exist, is with your support. Let’s all move forward into this new way of life, safely, supporting our community and small businesses.

? C+C

Vintage Tree Pre-Orders!

This August, PRISM Studio is offering pre-orders on Vintage Light Up Trees! All the trees available come with light kits and will remind you of Grandma’s house at Christmastime.

We are offering 6 packages to choose from with various styles of lighted trees.  All fees must be paid by Monday, August 31. When choosing your package you can request to have a specialty paint available for your tree or specialty lights (purple/orange or birds) at an extra cost. Once all the trees are in house, we will contact you to pick up your tree as our storage space is limited. 

Fees include the tree of your choice and light kit. Studio Fees will be paid at the time of painting. There are NO REFUNDS on purchased trees. If your tree is not picked up within 2 weeks of receiving your phone call, your tree will go out for re-sale.

Tree Packages and Pricing are as follows (Packages #5 & #6 are 10% Off as they are in stock):

Package #1
Package #2
Package #3
Package #4
Package #5
Package #6
This tree is in stock and 10% Off while supplies last.

We Are OPEN!

Before coming to paint, please read the following:

*When you arrive to the Studio, you will be asked to wash your hands before proceeding. 
*We will assign you a table for optimal social distance. 
*We will ask you NOT to touch any of the pieces on the shelves. We will be available to get items off the shelf for you or to let you know prices. Please know this protocol is being put in place for yours, ours and others safety. 
*We will not be allowing more than ONE non-painter at a table when accompanying children. If you are coming as a group of teenagers or adults, you all must be painting. Our goal is to have the most optimal amount of people in the Studio at one time and to minimize unnecessary contact during this phase. 
*We will be cleaning all touched surfaces constantly.

*Summer Hours have started!

Monday – Thursday: 12-6pm, Friday & Saturday: 12-9pm, CLOSED Sundays until August 30.

*As always, we do not take reservations. You can always call 15 minutes prior to your arrival to be sure a table is available. 

*We will not be booking or re-booking parties until B.C. allows gatherings in a group of 10 or more. 

*If you would like to still celebrate a birthday at the Studio, you can do so with up to 6 people at a table. Please call ahead for more information.

Please do NOT come to paint if you are feeling under the weather or have recently traveled or are under self-isolation/quarantine.

Re-Opening May 20, 2020

This photo taken in the Studio a few days ago is a moment frozen in time! A reminder of … a hopeful next 5 years, a busy Spring Break, more successful events around the corner, the future.

These past couple of months have been stressful, overwhelming, doubtful and scary. Scary is the word I think stands out the most. We’ve been fearful of what’s around the corner. Fearful of getting sick. Fearful of our hard work and dedication being lost. Fearful of not providing the services you have come to love anymore. But fear cannot keep us from moving forward and adapting into the unknown.

As per BC’s re-open plan, our Studio will be reopening on Wednesday, May 20. We are going to have some new protocols moving forward that will be posted here and on our website. Our hours will be slightly different. We will be doing our very best to keep your experience as close to what you’re used to as possible – with a little more help from us than you are used to.

This decision, and any move we make in the coming weeks, are not made lightly. We have been discussing our re-open since the day we closed. How we would do it? How long would it take? What changes do we need to make? This small business NEEDS to re-open. To survive, our doors can no longer stay closed. This community needs an outlet for their creativity. We all need a little normalcy added back into our day to day. Parents need a break. Kids need to play. We need light at the end of the tunnel.

As stated above, we will keep you posted in the coming days about our in Studio changes. It will change your painting experience but please know that the feeling of seeing your piece come to life and that anticipation you feel about getting it back will all be the same. And we look forward to bringing those smiles back to your faces!

? C+C

Temporarily CLOSED for COVID-19

Thank You!

The Studio will be closed until further notice. Once the Studio is open we will reschedule parties and you will be able to pick up finished pieces.

We are currently following the government’s recommendations for “social distancing” and to “flatten the curve”. This wasn’t an easy call to make as small business owners, but one we felt was necessary at this time.

This business is our livelihood, and being closed for the time being is extremely difficult. We feel this decision is needed to be sure you, your families and ourselves stay healthy and safe.

I know many of you are concerned about picking up finished pieces. We will remain closed for pick ups to be sure we, as local small business owners, are being responsible and doing our part. We do not want you to feel the need to leave your homes at this time to make non-essential stops and put your families at risk.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please stay up to date here and on our Facebook page.

Early Summer Ladies Night!

The May Long Weekend is the first sign that Summer is right around the corner! Before all your camping trips, baseball tourneys and the kids getting out of school – take an early Summer break with us on Saturday, May 2 for a “Summer” Ladies Night!

*Cover charges are $15 each or $8.75 each for groups of 5 or more. This is a private event for Ladies 19+ and requires a paid cover charge to attend. Cover charges must be paid within 72 hours of signing up or spots will be given to wait lists. Cover Charges are non-refundable or applicable to credit if attendee cancels.

PRISM Studio – 5th Anniversary!

Come celebrate PRISM Studio’s 5th Anniversary from Friday, March 13 – Monday, March 16! $5 Studio Fees all weekend long!!

We are so excited to be heading into another milestone with our Studio. This business is a huge part of our everyday lives, which makes all of you a part of that as well. We appreciate every single one of you who have come into the Studio over the last 5 years and painted with us. Without your support for our small, local business we wouldn’t be here today.


Check out our Monthly Events tab for special deals during Spring Break and a couple event details for April and May.

Family Night!

PRISM Studio is having a Family Night on Wednesday, April 29 from 6-9pm!

This is an all ages event for families and friends to have a creative get together. Spaces usually book quickly, be sure to get yours ASAP!

*Cover Charge is $12 each, groups of 4 or more are $6 each. Cover charges must be paid within 72 hours or your spot will be given away to people on a wait list. Cover Charges are non-refundable or applicable to credit if attendee cancels. This event is private and is open to all ages. Space is limited, sign up in the Studio or by phone at 604.792.9511.

Spring Ladies Night!

Spring Ladies Night – Saturday, March 7, 7-11pm

If you missed out on our Winter Ladies Night – join us on Saturday, March 7 for our Spring Ladies Night!

We’re giving you the chance to relax and get in some self care before the kids are out for Spring Break. Sign you and your girls up for a night of painting, drinks, snacks and fun!

Cover charges are $15 each or $8.75 each for groups of 5 or more. This is a private event for Ladies 19+ and requires a paid cover charge to attend. Cover charges must be paid within 72 hours of signing up or spots will be given to wait lists. Cover Charges are non-refundable or applicable to credit if attendee cancels.

Flat Ornament Special!

8 Flat Ornaments + 2 Painters = $52 plus tax!! (Reg. Price $68 plus tax)

Each additional painter* and/or ornament = $5 each!

{Ornaments pictured are not always in stock}
*No coupon books for additional painters. Cannot be combined with other specials.