We Are OPEN!

Before coming to paint, please read the following:

*When you arrive to the Studio, you will be asked to wash your hands before proceeding. 
*We will assign you a table for optimal social distance. 
*We will ask you NOT to touch any of the pieces on the shelves. We will be available to get items off the shelf for you or to let you know prices. Please know this protocol is being put in place for yours, ours and others safety. 
*We will not be allowing more than ONE non-painter at a table when accompanying children. If you are coming as a group of teenagers or adults, you all must be painting. Our goal is to have the most optimal amount of people in the Studio at one time and to minimize unnecessary contact during this phase. 
*We will be cleaning all touched surfaces constantly.

*Summer Hours have started!

Monday – Thursday: 12-6pm, Friday & Saturday: 12-9pm, CLOSED Sundays until August 30.

*As always, we do not take reservations. You can always call 15 minutes prior to your arrival to be sure a table is available. 

*We will not be booking or re-booking parties until B.C. allows gatherings in a group of 10 or more. 

*If you would like to still celebrate a birthday at the Studio, you can do so with up to 6 people at a table. Please call ahead for more information.

Please do NOT come to paint if you are feeling under the weather or have recently traveled or are under self-isolation/quarantine.

Re-Opening May 20, 2020

This photo taken in the Studio a few days ago is a moment frozen in time! A reminder of … a hopeful next 5 years, a busy Spring Break, more successful events around the corner, the future.

These past couple of months have been stressful, overwhelming, doubtful and scary. Scary is the word I think stands out the most. We’ve been fearful of what’s around the corner. Fearful of getting sick. Fearful of our hard work and dedication being lost. Fearful of not providing the services you have come to love anymore. But fear cannot keep us from moving forward and adapting into the unknown.

As per BC’s re-open plan, our Studio will be reopening on Wednesday, May 20. We are going to have some new protocols moving forward that will be posted here and on our website. Our hours will be slightly different. We will be doing our very best to keep your experience as close to what you’re used to as possible – with a little more help from us than you are used to.

This decision, and any move we make in the coming weeks, are not made lightly. We have been discussing our re-open since the day we closed. How we would do it? How long would it take? What changes do we need to make? This small business NEEDS to re-open. To survive, our doors can no longer stay closed. This community needs an outlet for their creativity. We all need a little normalcy added back into our day to day. Parents need a break. Kids need to play. We need light at the end of the tunnel.

As stated above, we will keep you posted in the coming days about our in Studio changes. It will change your painting experience but please know that the feeling of seeing your piece come to life and that anticipation you feel about getting it back will all be the same. And we look forward to bringing those smiles back to your faces!

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