Vintage Tree Pre-Orders!

This August, PRISM Studio is offering pre-orders on Vintage Light Up Trees! All the trees available come with light kits and will remind you of Grandma’s house at Christmastime.

We are offering 6 packages to choose from with various styles of lighted trees.  All fees must be paid by Monday, August 31. When choosing your package you can request to have a specialty paint available for your tree or specialty lights (purple/orange or birds) at an extra cost. Once all the trees are in house, we will contact you to pick up your tree as our storage space is limited. 

Fees include the tree of your choice and light kit. Studio Fees will be paid at the time of painting. There are NO REFUNDS on purchased trees. If your tree is not picked up within 2 weeks of receiving your phone call, your tree will go out for re-sale.

Tree Packages and Pricing are as follows (Packages #5 & #6 are 10% Off as they are in stock):

Package #1
Package #2
Package #3
Package #4
Package #5
Package #6
This tree is in stock and 10% Off while supplies last.