About Us

Hello!  We’re The Steinkuehlers!

Cody and I met online in 2011 playing a certain worldly game of war… I was managing Color Me Mine here in Chilliwack, BC and Cody was busy managing a town in Iowa as the Mayor.  YES, THE MAYOR!  When we met we never imagined we would be married 5 years later and owning a ceramic business.

After managing the Studio for 5 years we were given the unique opportunity to take it over and create our own brand, building on the great reputation I helped build.  Cody and I opened PRISM Studio in March of 2015.  Having a Studio like this in Chilliwack, BC is great because it provides an environment for people to relax, be creative and have fun.  We love being a part of the community and hope to continue to be a positive presence here in the Fraser Valley.

We get asked a lot if we were always creative, or if we have some sort of art degrees.  While I like to think of myself as a painting expert with Art 8-10 and Graphics 11 under my belt, neither of us have art backgrounds or degrees.  We have learned every aspect of ceramic painting on the job.  We believe this proves that everyone has artistic abilities and everyone can be their own kind of artist.  We are always on hand for color advice (Cody can mix some pretty sweet custom colors!), detail ideas (less is more!), and chats.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or engage with us.  Our main priority is to make sure you are having the best time while painting your masterpiece – whether that means you being left alone at a table by the window in your own world creating the next Van Gogh or you sitting at the table next to us having lively conversations and laughs.

<3 Crystal